1/ Who is Carly Rian Group

We are bold problem solvers

CRG is a management consulting firm that specializes in solving business problems driven by cost, quality and time.

We believe working with clients is a privilege and that our equity lies in our ability to be trusted. These fundamental beliefs guide our values and approach, allowing us to offer an unmatched customer experience.

Our team is relentless, truly passionate about what we do and offer.

Working with us gives you access to expertise and the art of delivery through the CRG Toolbox.

Our clients miss us when we’re gone, but they know they can rely on CRG to help solve their next challenge.

Our Purpose →

1/ Our Purpose

To be a catalyst for success for our employees, clients & community

Carly Rian Group exists to bring out the best in those around us. We passionately commit ourselves to those who are relentless in their pursuit to be great at what they do. We remove barriers and optimize capabilities to collaboratively make a notable impact.

We aspire to become the firm our clients trust with any cost, quality or time challenge they face, and an employer who sets its team on a remarkable path of achievement.

Core Values →

1/ Core Values

Our values inspire us to be relentless

Established over time, and with much consideration, our values permeate our business: they affect the decisions we make, how we deliver defendable results, the relationships we build and who we hire. These are the guiding principles for how we operate and what we stand for:

  1. 1

    "WE" before me

  2. 2

    Be passionate & determined

  3. 3

    Make data-driven & fact-based decisions

  4. 4

    Be authentic & candid

  5. 5

    Be crisp & meaningful

  6. 6

    Pursue growth & learning

  7. 7

    Be innovative, resourceful & pragmatic

  8. 8

    Commit to quality & excellence

  9. 9

    Be respectful, supportive & empathetic

CRG in a Word →

1/ Leadership

Adam Godfrey & Rajeev Roy are CRG’s founders & Managing Partners

Adam’s robust expertise and varied experience allows him to remove complexity and bring meaning to business problems in a wide-range of industries and sectors including, banking, insurance, investment management, mutual funds, public sector, transportation, media and pulp/paper. His dedication to transparency instills confidence and the ability to make highly informed strategic decisions at all organizational levels. Prior to co-founding CRG, Adam held leadership roles at PwC, IBM, BearingPoint Management Consulting and Trimark Investment Management. Adam is a subject matter expert in Activity Based Costing and financial modelling. He has successfully led multiple engagements including, Activity Based Costing/management, process re-engineering, business process outsourcing, business case/modelling design and development, business redesign, financial management, and acquisition strategy development. Adam has a Degree in Critical Analysis from the University of Western Ontario.

Rajeev is a trusted advisor with highly specialized problem solving expertise. Dedicated to enhancing the quality of operations by increasing effectiveness and efficiency, Rajeev holds the coveted Lean-Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification and is a Master Facilitator of operational design workshops. His collaborative and simple approach to process improvement allows him to consistently deliver significant and sustainable results for clients. Prior to co-founding CRG, Rajeev led BearingPoint Management Consulting’s Business Process Management Practice. Prior to that, he held a leadership role in the Lean-Six Sigma Consulting and Process Engineering division within one of the big five Canadian banks. Rajeev also has a degree in systems and industrial engineering, majoring in operations research and information systems from the University of Toronto.

History →

1/ History

Carly Rian Group was launched in 2007

Sharing a commitment to doing things the right way, Adam Godfrey and Rajeev Roy met while holding senior positions at a global consulting firm. The pair connected over complementary expertise, experiences and passion. Differing from the status quo, they believed building trusting partnerships was equally as important as providing results.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Adam and Rajeev saw an opportunity to carve out a unique space in the consulting industry. They focused their expertise and specialized in solving business problems driven by cost, quality and time. In 2007, Carly Rian Group was created, built upon the principles of trust, communication and dedication. It was with family in mind that the name was born: Adam’s first daughter is Carly and Rajeev’s first son is Rian (Ree-ann).

Measuring success by their ability to solve problems, develop meaningful relationships, deliver a solid return on investment and ultimately, be invited back to take on clients’ next set of challenges, has allowed CRG to cultivate an impressive client roster.

In nine years, CRG has established a reputation for its unparalleled approach, corporate culture and dedicated team of experts.

2/ Why Carly Rian Group

If you needed open-heart surgery you’d choose the heart surgeon over the general surgeon.

If you have a business problem driven by cost, quality or time, choose the problem solvers with this specialty built into their DNA.

2/ Choose the specialist over the generalist

Businesses often struggle with:

  • Measuring & improving productivity
  • Improving cost & profitability
  • Improving time to deliver products & services
  • Measuring & improving quality
  • Improving customer service
  • Reducing rework & errors

Your time is important. Your money matters.

We help you save both.

We offer a specialized skill set no other firm can.

We can help you:

  • Make data-driven, strategic decisions
  • Improve efficiency & reduce waste
  • Prioritize & improve performance
  • Deliver defendable value to customers
  • Impact positive, sustainable change
5 Reasons to trust us with your business →
Why Organizations Need Carly Rian Group
Why Organizations Need Carly Rian Group

2/ 5 Reasons to trust us with your business

The Benefits →

We care
We are leaders
We customize solutions
We build your capacity
We deliver defendable results
We care

Our team exemplifies accountability, passion and ultimate respect for your work. We collaborate with you to truly understand your needs and strategic objectives.

We are leaders

Our team is comprised of leading experts in multiple disciplines, domains and industries. Working with us gives your team access to a deep roster of trusted advisors.

We customize solutions

We respond to each problem with a unique strategy and approach. Always focused on the root cause, our proven methodologies and services deliver value for your customers, generate returns for your shareholders and support a meaningful work environment for your employees.

We build your capacity

We focus on making your team better. Our approach provides significant opportunities to transfer knowledge and new capabilities. We help your team plan and execute more effectively against key objectives.

We deliver defendable results

We deliver substantial – defendable – value every time. Our measurable results impact positive sustainable change; solving cost, quality and time problems is part of our DNA.

2/ The benefits of working with Carly Rian Group

Trusting us to solve your cost, quality or time business problem ensures:

  • Full transparency: we keep you informed of our approach, progress & solution

  • Decision-making support: we provide accurate business models to support strategic & tactical decisions

  • Doing more with less: you can allocate resources more effectively

  • Channel optimization: we produce insights on how to optimize your channel strategy

  • Customer satisfaction: you can improve customer satisfaction & loyalty

  • Cost clarity: we share data to clarify real costs

  • Pricing for maximum gain: we provide accurate product pricing

  • Cost, quality & time improvements: we deliver substantial results that increase quality, reduce costs & increase revenues

  • Continuous improvement: we activate process improvement & management tools to ensure continuous improvement against key metrics

3/ Core Services

Our core services leave you with measurable insights to realize key business objectives.

The CRG Toolbox →

Design for Success

We tailor our problem solving expertise to guide your leaders at all levels, instilling confidence and the ability to make highly informed decisions.


We bring transparency and meaning to your business problem using our fact-based and data-driven approach to identify the root cause and the best solution.

Design for Success

We collaborate to do it right the first time to deliver a step-by-step approach, a sustainable solution and the tools to help you measure and continuously improve. We don’t waste resources on unnecessary features.


We safeguard your investment because we fully understand the effort and impact needed to achieve defendable results. We help you make a sustainable impact.


We share our problem solving expertise with your team, training them as if they were our employees. We customize our training to your team and business, and always measure effectiveness to ensure you get what you need.

3/ The CRG Toolbox

Working with us gives you access to expertise and the art of delivery through the CRG Toolbox. It’s how our firm can effectively address any cost, quality or time business problem in any industry. Only our team knows when to use one, some or all four methodologies. It doesn’t work without us; it’s all we do.

Six Sigma
Lean Management
Activity Based Costing / Management
Data Modelling
Six Sigma
We enhance the quality of operations by removing unwanted variations and defects.
Lean Management
We increase effectiveness and efficiency by eliminating wasteful activities.
Activity Based Costing / Management
We create clarity by calculating the actual cost of all resources, activities and services to guide pricing, outsourcing and process improvement decisions.
Data Modelling
We remove complexity by designing simple and interactive models to highlight past, present and future business outcomes and opportunities.

4/ Our clients know where they want their business to go. We remove the barriers to get them there.

Client Results →

Our roster of clients includes…

  • Ally Bank Canada

  • Bank of Montreal

  • BMO Harris Bank

  • Capital One Financial

  • CIBC

  • CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank

  • CPP Investment Board

  • C.S.T. (Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan) Consultants Inc.

  • Davis and Henderson Ltd.

  • Equitable Bank

  • FirstLine Mortgages Inc.

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Infrastructure Ontario

  • INTERAC/ACXSYS Corporation

  • Intria Items Inc.

  • National Express

  • Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

  • Ontario Public Sector – Children Youth Social Services Cluster

  • Ontario Public Sector – Infrastructure Technology Services

  • Ontario Public Sector – Labour & Transportation Cluster

  • PC Financial

  • ResMor Trust Company

  • Royal & SunAlliance

  • Stock Transportation

  • TD Bank

  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation

  • Walmart Financial Services

4/ Client Results

Our clients’ success is driven by our fact-based, data-driven results.

To help you understand how we can solve any cost, quality and time business problem, below are links to case studies showcasing our defendable results and client successes. Please check back as we continue to add to this section.


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Root Cause Analysis Process Development and Implementation
A US-based Fortune 500 financial institution’s Canadian Risk Event Management process did not consistently identify
Application to Book Account Process Diagnostic and Implementation
A US-based Fortune 500 financial institution recently launched its new consumer credit card product into
Credit Card Marketing Campaign Process Diagnostic
A Tier 1 Canadian Bank’s Credit Card Operations was suffering from an error prone, time
Service Decoupling from a Financial Service Institution to a Leading North American Retailer
A US-based Fortune 500 financial institution required support to decouple services that was acquired by
Resolve Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Gaps
A US-based Fortune 500 financial institution acquired a $1B+ Canadian partnership credit card portfolio and
Post Acquisition Integration of a Credit Card Portfolio
A US-based Fortune 500 financial institution acquired a $1B+ Canadian partnership credit card portfolio and
Optimization of an Enterprise Recruitment Process using a Cloud-based Workflow System
The vision for a top tier Canadian bank’s recruitment team is to proactively support hiring
Design and Implementation of User Acceptance Testing for a Credit Card Technology Solution
A US-based Fortune 500 financial institution acquired a $1B+ Canadian partnership credit card portfolio and
Commercial Lending Process Diagnostic
A top tier Caribbean bank did not have visibility to their current end-to-end Commercial Lending
Resource Centralization & Costing Diagnostic
A top tier Caribbean bank was evaluating opportunities to centralize one of their Commercial Banking
Enterprise Wide Recruitment Process Documentation for a Global Financial Services Organization
The client was preparing for an upcoming audit review of the enterprise wide recruitment processes
Dispute Resolution End-To-End Process Diagnostic
The consumer dispute resolution provider was suffering from high work in progress and long turn
Financial Services HR Intake Process Diagnostic
A Tier 1 Canadian bank established an intake function responsible for sourcing, selecting, and on-boarding
IT Application Development and Support Activity-Based Costing
IT Application Development and Support organization was unable to consistently quantify the cost to deliver
Program Management Digitization Operating Model and Implementation
A top tier Canadian bank was moving from a paper based Records Management system to
Operational Assessment of a Leading Municipal Housing Provider’s Safety Unit
The Safety Unit of one of North America’s largest public housing providers identified operational challenges
Front Office Banking Operations Mortgage Based Products
A top tier Canadian bank is implementing a multi-product sales and origination system in their
New On-shore and Off-shore Mortgage Operations Delivery Centers
A top tier Canadian bank was launching a strategic new Mortgage and Lending product . 
Offshore Suitability Assessment – Renewals
Voice of Business indicated that monthly renewal volumes in the small business centre at a
IT Infrastructure Telecom Operational Diagnostic
In order for a technology infrastructure shared services provider to take full ownership of all
Back-Office Banking Operations: Process/Operations Outsourcing Support & Assessment
Carly Rian Group was engaged to assess  key processes within the mortgage discharge department at
Optimization of Retail Lending Processes Using Automated Workflow in the Caribbean
A top tier Caribbean bank did not have visibility to their current end-to-end Retail Lending
HR Process Governance & Continuous Improvement Model
The Human Resources department at a Tier 1 Canadian bank was organized by function and
HR Core Process Diagnostic
A Tier 1 Canadian bank introduced a self-service HR model and platform across its population
Performance Management Analytics & Reporting
In 2012, a Tier One Canadian bank introduced a combined mortgage and line of credit
Board of Directors and Senior Executive Team Paperless Initiative
As of 2012, the Board of Directors (BOD) and the Senior Executive Team (SET) of
Retail Lending Diagnostic
A Tier 1 Canadian bank identified a major product gap and competitive weakness in its
Global Pension Fund Electronic Funds Payment Process Diagnostic and Design
A Global Pension Fund settled its trade transactions with counterparties through electronic funds payments, or
Global Pension Fund Develop Project Delivery Framework
A Global Pension Fund’s program/project management capability and execution processes were designed to address business
Improve Technology Infrastructure Build and Deploy Process
A government technology infrastructure cluster was suffering from multiple inefficiencies and waste within the build
Retail Lending Implementation
A top tier Canadian bank was launching a new integrated retail lending product and simultaneously
Retail Banking Post-Implementation Review Process
A Tier One Canadian bank was in the midst of a $35M capital program to
Retail Banking Large Scale Program Transformation
A Tier One Canadian bank was in the midst of a $35M capital program to
Global Pension Fund Investment Report
A Global Pension Fund produces a monthly and quarterly report detailing trends, performance, and risks
Credit Card Operations Improvement
A financial services outsourced service provider was suffering from poor quality, slow turnaround times, and
ABM Platform Replacement Program Diagnostic
A Tier One Canadian bank was in the midst of a $35M capital program to
Global Pension Fund Overnight Batch Cycle Process Diagnostic
A Global Pension Fund ’s book of record is updated daily through an overnight batch
Insurance Invoice Processing Diagnostic
A leading International Insurance Provider required a diagnostic review of their Invoicing Processes for services
Quality Control Strategy for Back Office Processing in Canada and India
A top tier Canadian bank launched their competitive lending product in early 2012.  Sections of
Business Process Management Training in the United Kingdom
A top tier US bank was expanding the Process Excellence capability in their United Kingdom
Consumer Banking Claims Operational Outsourcing Assessment
A US Based Fortune 500 financial institution acquired a $1B+ Canadian partnership credit card portfolio
Small Business Banking Business Process/Operations Outsourcing Assessment
Carly Rian Group was brought on to assess if key processes within the claims department
Banking Operations Business Intelligence and Data Quality Review
The back office operations area of a top Canadian bank is lacking a system or
IT Infrastructure Design Operational Diagnostic
Client required a detailed diagnostic review of their management and delivery processes in order to
Application Testing/Quality Control Operational Diagnostic and Capacity Analysis
The current QC processes, from Estimation to Execution were not documented with a view to
Case Management Operational Diagnostic
Client has a goal of improving their operational effectiveness and efficiency in order to satisfy
Infrastructure Lending Capacity and Process Diagnostic
Lending Operations lacks an effective means of measuring resource capacity and utilization and have concerns
Application Development/Support Process and Management Diagnostic
Client currently faces challenges in meeting customer expectations (Time and Quality/functionality) due to a number
Service Management (Desktop, Field Services, Help Desk) Diagnostic and FTE Capacity Analysis
An infrastructure technology services provider required the expertise to review their end-to-end customer delivery chain
North American Business Transformation & Bus Route Optimization
A premiere global transportation firm has undertaken a business transformation program to improve operations and
Consumer Mortgage Underwriting Process Improvement and Application Implementation
A mortgage division within a top tier Canadian bank was experiencing problems with the quality
Wholesale Banking Operational Process Diagnostic
A top tier Canadian bank’s Wholesale Banking Product Operations did not have a clear methodology
Technology Server Purchasing Diagnostic
Technology and Operations had significant issues with the server purchase and install process which directly
Electronic Banking Operations Process and Management Diagnostic
A recently reorganized Telephone Banking back office within a top tier Canadian bank required an
Call Centre Authentication/Risk Policy Diagnostic
Varying authentication processes at a top tier Canadian bank are not consistent from group to
Global Operations Process Maturity Diagnostic
An Global Operations division within a top tier Canadian bank required independent diagnostic be completed
OTC Derivative Trading Process Diagnostic
A large Canadian bank’s current process of Interest Rate Derivatives (IRD), from Trade Execution, to
Fixed Income Trade Control Process Diagnostic
A large Canadian bank’s current process for Fixed Income Trade Control from Trade Execution, to
Develop Leading Edge IT Activity Based Costing Methodology
An infrastructure shared services technology provider lacked accountability, trust and transparency required to defend its
Develop and Implement Internal Process Engineering Centre of Excellence
A top tier Canadian bank was experiencing problems with the quality and ability to execute

5/ Insights & News

With CRG you get expertise and the art of delivery.
We are committed to sharing our specialized knowledge.

Check back often for the latest insights & news.

18/02/16 Infographic: What makes us different from other firms
You miss us when we’re gone…
13/10/15 Infographic: The CRG Toolbox
How our team of experts can solve any cost, quality and time driven business problem, in any industry.
17/09/15 News: CRG receives consecutive ranking as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies
Management consulting firm featured in 27th annual PROFIT 500 ranking by Canadian Business & PROFIT
15/09/15 Infographic: 5 reasons to work with us
Reason #1: we care.
12/06/14 News: CRG listed in the 26th annual PROFIT 500 ranking
CRG ranked #225 of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by PROFIT Magazine.
7/09/12 Case study: HP features CRG
Case study outlining Carly Rian Group’s deployment of HP technology for our team.

6/ Careers

Why fit in when you can stand out?

The opportunity to develop your career & our business is yours – if you want it.

Each member of our team comes to the table with unique experiences, skills and a passion to excel in everything they do. Click here to learn more

For last two years we’ve been ranked as one of PROFIT 500’s fastest growing companies. We’re hiring entry-level to Junior Management Consultants, those looking for hands-on learning from experts, and mid to senior-level Management Consultants, problem solvers who are relentless in their pursuit of success.

Resumes can be submitted to Connie Tan, CRG’s Human Resources Manager careers@carlyriangroup.com

Why you should join our team →

6/ Being part of our team has its perks

This is the place to work if you want to have real relationships, make a tangible impact & be rewarded for it.

Training & Development
  • Competitive compensation & benefits
  • Performance bonus program
  • Employee referral bonus program
  • Business development (new business) bonus program
  • Competitive vacation policy
  • Entrepreneurial & nimble
  • Collaborative & results driven
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring & coaching from senior leaders
  • Local clients & virtual working environment
  • Quarterly team social events
  • Annual team reward trip
Training & Development
  • Leadership & skills development
  • Methodology/skills formal certification
  • Internal & external project opportunities
  • Access to CRG library & online learning materials
  • Conference attendance

7/ Contact Us

Carly Rian Group
10 King St. E., Suite 1001
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1C3


Tel. 416.623.8118

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